Ionic Framework v6 Beta: Everything You Should Know About It

The Ionic 6.0 Release Candidate (RC) is now available in the market.

At Ioniconf 2021, the Ionic Framework v6 beta was announced globally.

Ionic Framework has come far from its roots as an AngularJS-only UI library to a genuinely cross-platform framework for building Web Native applications. 

In this article, you’ll come across the features that will make it easy to smoothly build Android and iOS applications.

#1 Upgradation is Quicker 

As compared to Framework v5 that has been released in February 2020, the up-gradation process is done more efficiently than ever. Framework v6 will help the mobile app developers deal with almost half of the breaking changes available in the v5.

And the good part is that you’ll not require to deal with any type of action from your end.

#2 Components

Framework v6 has come up with some new components, making it easy for developers to build responsive mobile and desktop experiences. 

Do you know how?

We’ll show you the example of some of the components.

Let’s get started.


Tag: <ion-accordion> 

You can easily organise with large amounts of content in an easy-to-understand way. Accordion allows you to deal with:

  • Smooth animations
  • Keyboard support
  • Reduced motion accessibility

Moreover, it is well-known for its flexibility and can be used on both mobile and desktop applications.

Click here to see the demo.


Tag: <ion-breadcrumbs>

Breadcrumbs provide essential context to users regarding where they are in your application and how they got there. 

Fully customisable and collapsable means that this component can tackle even the most complex of application setups.

Click here to see the demo.


Tag: <ion-datetime>

DateTime allows you to use the latest calendar picker styles on iOS and Android. 

Its responsive design, localisation support, and keyboard and screen reader integration are giant steps forward for the Ionic Framework.

Click here to see the demo.

#3 Application Performance

Ionic Framework v6 has come up with lightning-fast Web Components and takes advantage of modern Web APIs.

Apps will be just as fast as native applications and will enhance the performance and bundling improvements to your Ionic Framework apps.

#4 Designing Perspectives

Ionic Framework v6 now support with complete design functionality of Android and iOS applications.

For both Android and iOS, a new refresher style, updated toolbar, and modal styles for dark mode are new astonishing features.

Click on the link to see the demo for:

#5 Material Design

The Material Design mode in Ionic Framework v6 has input styles to support new filled and outline styles. Moreover,  you’ll find error and helper text slots in addition to a character counter. 

Final Thoughts

First, I personally like to Ionic community as they have worked hard and sincerely on the feedback of the developers working on Ionic for years.

For sure, Ionic Framework v6 will make your work more straightforward than the previous version. 

What do you think about it?

We would love to have your feedback or comment on it. So please share it in the comment box.